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jueves, 23 de junio de 2011


Can you believe I traveled during 5 weeks with just this size of luggage? If I did it... you can do it!

We were going close to the South Pole.... with freezing weather, hiking, discovering glaciers, walking in the mud... then, we were going to a very humid and warm weather, which means… I needed a bikini. We also had to bring nice clothes, since we were attending a convention and going out on the town at night... Four seasons in 5 weeks!

When I started packing I felt like I couldn’t do it. The trip to South America sounded very exciting, but packing…. I almost went nuts.
What helped me was keeping it simple, but not renouncing to what I like. Sometimes people recommend bringing samples of soap, shampoo, lotions, perfumes…

Here are two factors I have in consideration when I travel:
1) The weather and humidity. I live in a very dry climate. We normally have 25% of humidity. When I travel to areas with a lot of humidity, my skin notices it. I don’t need to put as much lotion on my body as I need to do where I live. But I still need to bring a good lotion, something that will adapt to any climate and that will be absorbed by my skin gently, not making me look glossy or dry. 2) Samples. I don’t think it’s time to try new things when you travel. Your body is adapting to so many changes, food, water, climate…. That using a sample from a brand that you don’t even know is not always the best solution.

I like the fact that most of the brands today sell their products in travel size. It’s something that I’ve seen more often in the magazines. You can always find some of those products online. Visit and you’ll be amazed of the variety of products they have. Little by little I’ll show you what works well for me, but keep in mind that each body and skin is different. These are just suggestions.

The bag I brought is from Diane von Fustenberg Studio. I love it! It's so girlie with the fuchsia color inside... but it has a dark brown outside that makes it easy to recognize at the airport and it doesn't look as damaged as bags look after using them for a while. It comes with 3 different bags. One is a plastic bag, transparent, with three different containers, for some essentials, then the other one has the logo in fuchsia but it is also transparent, to carry your shoes, and there’s another one attached to the inside, that you can use when nothing else fits, but you need a strong and big fabric bag (maybe to bring presents or the stuff you shop when you travel).

The size of the luggage is... like a regular carry on. (24” Long, 17” Wide, 9”Depth empty). My husband took his black Kenneth Cole (same size). We decided to check both bags, and use a back pack and a purse as carry ons. We took about 15 flights during those five weeks. Normally we take the carry on with us and we check in a bag, thinking that if the bag gets lost, we’ll still have something with us. But when you fly that many times, there’s a point where you just want to be comfortable, enjoy the flight (if you can enjoy it). Sleep, (if it’s possible for you), considering the noises people make, children playing or babies crying, and arrive safe. (I’ll talk about “tips inside cabin” in the next few entries.)

What do you think? What works for you when you travel?

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