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miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012


I am back to India… I know…

This time I will talk about Udaipur. Some of you might ask, why mentioning India again. I’ve great memories from my visit to that amazing country. There are many contrasts. Despite the “crazy” traffic and the poverty, the beauty of the landscapes and sunsets leaves you speechless.
I’ve wonderful memories of a beautiful Palace that as a Hotel today makes his visitors feel like royalty. I attach some pictures of the Taj Lake Palace in Lake Pichola, Udaipur (India).

It was not only the beauty that surrounded the Hotel, that is located in the middle of a lake, the cleanliness (you could almost eat in the floors!!!), but the service. The staff was wonderful. They took care of every single detail, every single request, with wonderful manners and respect. It was an unforgettable experience. That made it special, but being with the person I love the most in the world made it even more unique!

Fact: Octopussy movie was filmed in Udaipur. One of the locations is the “Floating Palace” or Taj Lake Palace today in Lake Pichola. 

Used in the movie Octopussy.
Se utilizó en la película Octopussy.

Do you see the rose petals on the floor? They receive you with a "rain" of those beautiful rose petals.

¿Te has fijado en los pétalos de rosa que hay en el suelo? Te reciben con una “lluvia” de pétalos de rosa al llegar.

One of the rooms. Everything is made of silk. Una de las habitaciones. 

Todo está hecho con seda.


Our palace room.

Nuestra habitación palaciega.

The entrance to our room.

La entrada a nuestra habitación.

The private terrace.

La terraza privada.

Tomorrow I'll show you more....

Mañana os enseño más...
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