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martes, 26 de junio de 2012

Time's Square - New York

Crowded New York...
Lots of life at night.
I like the "escalinata" that they've set in Time's Square. No traffic, just lots of people.
Have fun with the neon lights, the noise and variety...

El ruidoso y abarrotado Nueva York, cargado de vida durante el día y la noche.
Me gusta la "escalinata" que han puesto en Time's Square. Hay menos trafico y mas gente.
A divertirse con las luces de neón el ruido y la variedad.

lunes, 25 de junio de 2012

United Airlines Sucks!

Some times I just really like to write about the good services of the airlines when they do something good for you, but lately I can't find that experience when I travel. It doesn't matter if you fly first or business class, their customer service is getting worse and worse. Why? Maybe because they cut in personal, they have shorten the budgets... Flying is not as it used to be.

I am sure that many of you will relate with this type of experience...

One hour and a half inside a plane from United waiting for the air traffic in Newark Airport caused a long delay. Delay that made us miss our connection flight once we got to the San Francisco Airport. We landed at the international terminal, what made impossible for us to run and try to catch our flight.

The line for United Customer Service, chaotic...

Priority for the passengers flying international was given, that's why a local flight landed in an international terminal. That's something that I understand, but since we missed our flight ... At least a coupon for dinner or a hotel... Nothing, absolutely nothing! I guess we'll have to spend the night at the airport... This is how United has treated us today, and I am sure that has treated other passengers the same way.

Reporting exhausted from the San Francisco International Airport. (3.00 a.m. East Coast time).

Le pain quotidien

I love this place! The raisin "pain" is moist and tasty. The staff was very friendly. It brought me memories of some of the coffee shops in Europe. They have many locations around the world. If you see one in your city or when you are traveling and you can stop by, do it! Great experience.
(The pictures are from the Brooklyn location).

Me encantan las caracolas de uvas pasas de este sitio. Tienen muchas cafeterías por todo el mundo. Si tenéis la oportunidad de visitar una de ellas no lo dudéis. Es una buena experiencia.

viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

New York, New York

Here there are some cool shots of Manhattan taken from Brooklyn Heights. Do you like them?

Aquí os muestro algunas fotos de Manhattan tomadas desde Brooklyn Heights. Os gustan?

martes, 19 de junio de 2012

Some outfits at the Museum... / Algunos conjuntos en el museo

Oriental, American, Chic Lady...
What do you think?
Que os parecen?

Day at the museum / Día en el museo

Just remember to find something comfortable. You want to look good but forget about high heels or uncomfortable shoes. You will probably walk a lot... Analyze your priorities... Enjoying a day at the museum or feet pain at the end of the day.

Recuerda ir cómoda, llevar calzado cómodo porque seguramente tengas que caminar un montón. Así que aunque quieras ir fashion... analiza tus prioridades... Dolor de pies al final del día o disfrute de un día en el museo.

These pictures were taken at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. One of my favorite ones: The Railway by Edouard Manet

Fotos tomadas en la Galería Nacional de Arte de Washington D.C. Uno de mis favoritos: The Railway de Eduardo Manet

viernes, 8 de junio de 2012


I love this color from Essie. It is called Lollipop. What do you think?

Me encanta este color de Essie. Se llama Lollipop. Que opinas?

miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012


I want to hear from you! What would you like me to write about? What places in the world would you like me to comment about? Have you been in any exotic place lately and you would like to share pictures on the blog? Is there any fashion trend that you would like me to mention? Feel free to leave your comment! Thanks. Nevalyn.

Me encantaría escuchar tus comentarios. ¿De qué te gustaría que hablara en mi próximo post? ¿Qué país vas a visitar o has visitado? ¿Te gustaría poner algunas de tus fotos en mi blog? ¿Hay algún tema sobre moda del que te gustaría que hablara? Siéntete libre de dejar tu comentario! Gracias. Nevalyn.

martes, 5 de junio de 2012


While visiting Mammoth Lakes in California, I decided I wanted to stop for a coffee. I found different coffee shops in the area, but The Looney Bean Coffee Roasting Co. called my attention. I liked the relax view of the exterior and the interior decoration. 

The staff was super friendly.  Nathalie prepared a wonderful coffee for me and explained a little bit of the Coffee Shop. She mentioned that it was the first Coffee Roaster in Mammoth Lakes. 

I was able to meet Leyla, the owner and chat with her for a little bit. Obviously a coffee lover, she told me how her traveling around the world inspired her to bring to her Coffee Shop some of the best coffees of the world. How that traveling opened her mind and encouraged her to start a project in Congo. Every 7th cup of coffee that is served in the Shop goes to the Congo project. Take a look at their website:

Durante mi visita a Mammoth Lakes, en California, decidí tomarme un café. Había varias Cafeterías que parecían interesantes, pero The Looney Bean Coffee Roasting Co. me llamó la atención. Me gustó la apariencia exterior, y por supuesto la decoración interior.

El personal fue súper amable. Conocí a Nathalie, que me preparó un café excelente y me explicó un poquito sobre la Cafetería. Era la primera tostadora de café de Mammoth Lakes.

También pude conocer a la dueña, Leyla, con la que hablé un poquito. Por supuesto a ella le encanta el café, y me contó que sus viajes a través del mundo le habían inspirado a abrir la Cafetería donde ofrece una gran variedad de café traída de distintas partes del mundo. El viajar también le había ayudado a tener una perspectiva diferente de la vida, y le motivó a empezar un proyecto de ayuda en el Congo. La séptima taza de café la dona al proyecto. Echad un vistazo a su pagina web.

Located Corner of the Rite Aid Mall at 26 Old Mammoth Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Situada en la esquina de Rite Aid en la Calle Old Mammoth #26, Mammoth Lakes, California

Leyla, the owner, who happily posed for the blog. 

La dueña Leyla, que posó sonriente para el blog


Congo Help Project. Proyecto de ayuda para el Congo.