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lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012


Hello everyone. How is your Tuesday going?

Today I want to talk to you about one of the latest events I have attended.  Chanel was introducing some of its new products in the city where I live. I had the opportunity to have my make up done by a makeup artist from South Africa. Her name is Sandra. Amazing woman with lots of experience. I wanted something really natural and she really knew what was going to work well for my skin color and type.  

Mayra, another wonderful girl from the Chanel team, makeup artist as well, applied the foundation. Exactly what my skin needed. Perfection Lumiere Long-Wear with SPF 10. It leaves your skin flawless!

And of course I’ve to mention my wonderful Suzanne, who invited me to the event. Sweet, friendly, full of ideas… she can attract customers from far, far away, just by smiling:) Thank you so much for the invitation.

Here there are some pictures from the event.

In between other brands... Chanel rocked it!
Entre otras marcas... ¡Chanel destacó!

Sandra applying makeup
Sandra aplicando el maquillaje

Participant checking the results
Participante viendo los resultados
Suzanne, who prepared my skin before makeup
Suzanne, quien preparó mi piel antes de aplicar maquillaje

Suzanne and Mayra

Eye shadows
Sombras de ojos

I must say that with all the emotion and all the fun I had, I didn't take a proper picture of the final results... I have this small one of the eye shadows. You can’t see them very well. There is something pending for the next time. I hope you liked today’s post. Enjoy your week…

Tengo que deciros que con toda la emoción, y con lo bien que me lo pase, se me olvido tomar una foto como es debido del resultado final. Solamente tengo esta de las sombras de ojos, que no se aprecia muy bien. Queda algo pendiente para la próxima vez. Espero que os haya gustado el reportaje. Un fuerte abrazo y… ¡hasta mañana!
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