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sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012


Sadly my experience with Tangerine Aveda Salon hasn’t been good at all. I was there when they opened and now, a few years later I realized that their customer service lacks professionalism. I went in person to make a consultation the. I wanted to know what the price was to do some specific waves on my hair, Hollywood style, because the next day I had a special event, and it required that style of hair. At the front desk I was told I could make an appointment for the next day, and they price would be $36. I asked if they understood what I wanted to have done, and the girls there said; “yes, yes, we know. They’ll wash your hair and do the loose waves”. I replied I don’t just want loose waves; I want the polished waves, the polished look, and Hollywood style. They told me, no problem, tomorrow at 10. It will cost you $36. 

I went to my appointment this morning and while the girl was preparing my hair, she said, I’m not going to was your hair. The style will last longer if we don’t wash. I was surprised but I agreed with her decision. Kelsey, I think it was her name, a nice young lady. Then, while she is already using the hair drier, she tells me, that since she is not washing my hair that the price is going to be different. I’m surprised to hear that, but I keep listening… and she says it is going to cost me $60! I said, no way, I was not told that. I came in person… I just told her I was in a budget and if I would have known that ahead, I would have made a different decision. I was about to leave, and she said, let me talk to Sally(?) I think she is the Manager, or owner… I don’t know. Well, she came back and she kept telling me that she was going to wash my hair and do some very nice waves and even though it was not going to be the same style it was going to look very pretty. I felt pity for her, and decided to stay. 

The end result, a clean hair with some ending waves. I could have done it at home. In the way out the same guy that the night before was at the front desk asked me how was the service and if I was happy with the result. I said, the girl is nice, but I am not happy with the result. Not with how the front desk works, not with your service. He apologized. I paid for the service, and when I was about to leave he told me he was going to call me in the next few minutes, and they were going to try to do something else in the hair so I would be happy. They never called. I stopped by after 40 minutes and he said he had talked to Sally and they would fix the hair, but if I paid the difference until the $60. He kept telling me that he didn’t want me to leave unhappy, and I said, well, if you think you could be losing a client, why don’t you respect the price you gave her for the services you told her she would get? He kept saying that I had to pay the difference. The owner or manager, never showed up, and she was there, but obviously they didn’t care about losing a client. Make sure, before they do anything to ask them how much they are going to charge you, but do it directly to the hair stylist… otherwise… they don’t know anything. 

By the way, in a Salon, “they don’t buy me” with brownies or tea… what I want is good service and my hair done as I want it… Do you think the same?

Sadly, in my case, they didn’t treat me as they should. I’ll never go back. There are tons of Spas and Salons in the Reno area.
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