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martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Nails

I love this make-up, neutral type of nail polish. When I travel I try to wear a color that goes well with every outfit, that is elegant but chic and that doesn't go away or get damage easily since some times I am in airports, carrying my bags, then from hotel to hotel or not with the time to get a proper manicure. I have been used to wear short nails all my life.. That is why I have them that short. For me it is comfortable and the nails are easier to paint.
This nail polish dries quickly and the brush does all the job... It is super easy to apply.

22 Beige Leger by Yves Saint Laurent

Me encanta este color maquillaje o casi neutro de Yves Saint Laurent. Es de calidad, se seca rápido, es súper fácil de aplicar debido al tipo de pincel que lleva. Me encanta porque va con todo tipo de outfits. Cuando viajo, con el tute que le doy a mis manos, maleta para aquí y para allá, hotel aquí y allá, sin tiempo a veces de hacerme una buena manicura, se que este color no me va a fallar. 
Qué os parece? Qué color soléis llevar vosotras?

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