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jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014

Wellcome stress...

(english article)

... but you can’t stay long with me… just today, ok?

If reasoning with stress would be that easy…

What degree of stress is good for you? Some of you might say none, because it is actually not very fun to go through stressful situations… Some people just get stressed because they are planning a trip or they have to go on a plain, or because they are confronting more serious situations, like losing a beloved one, or their job or their home… In Spain we say that you have to “darle la vuelta a la tortilla”, or turn around things… Try to see the positive in any stressful situation you are in. It is very easy to say, hard to put into practice. Stress can help you speed up things, because you just want to get rid of that specific situation, but when you can’t control it… then it can really make you suffer what will make your body reflect it.

That is why I decided to write today’s post… with just two little tips that help me a lot when I am under stress.

Lavender oil… If you can put some in a burner, do it… or spray some in your pillow before going to sleep. You can also put some in your wrists… and breath deeply… It is very powerful.

Meditation… Find a minute of your day to give thanks, and appreciate what you have. If you believe in God, there is a scripture that you will for sure like: Matthew 6:27; “Who of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his life span? 
(Matthew 6: 25-34)

I hope these tips will help you handle stress a little bit better. By the way I found an amazing article about stress in:

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