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sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014


It might look like a classic blanket, one of those that we have on the sofa and covers us while watching our favorite program on TV. It could also look like that one that we carry on our car… in case it is cold and we get stack on the side of the road without gas on a winter night, but for Burberry Prorsum this is the latest it-item, it-piece of clothing, it-cape. Whatever you choose to call it, this is the outwear piece to be seen in. It can be monogrammed (not only celebrities can get it done). Any one that is willing to pay $300 extra to the cape price, that costs $1,395, will show her unique initials. Here, see all of the ladies that are wearing the it-piece, starting with Olivia Palermo, who word says, after she wore it in public, 100 capes were sold within hours. What do you think dearest readers? Are you ready to spend the bucks? Don't forget to leave your comments... or follow the blog regularly through social media. Thanks a lot!

Puede que para muchos parezca una manta, o simplemente una capa clásica. La verdad es que esta capa de Burberry Prorsum ha tenido un éxito increíble especialmente entre las celebrities. Dicen que una vez que se la puso en público la it-girl Olivia Palermo, se vendieron 100 capas de golpe, y el precio no es que esté tirado… $1,395. Además si decides ponerle tus iniciales, cuesta $300 más. Sea cara o no, para muchas es una necesidad en su armario. ¿Y tú qué opinas querido lector? (No te olvides de dejar debajo tus comentarios, o seguir el blog por las redes sociales).

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